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All images copyright 2010 the estate of Susan A. Lockwood

Susan A Lockwood, 46 years old, passed away on Saturday, May 16th, at home on a brilliantly sunny morning, surrounded by her community of friends and family.

Susan was born on July 8th, 1962 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She will be deeply missed by her parents, John and Lauma Lockwood of Traverse City, MI. Susan was devoted to her loving brother Douglas Lockwood, who was always the light of her life. Her sister-in-law Tanya and niece Sienna and nephew Lance reflected the love back to her that she held for them. Her partner Eileen Hartwings considered her not only a queen, but a mentor and cherished friend. Together they encouraged one another to live life, take risks, and pursue dreams.

Susan was a visual artist, a painter with a brilliant eye for colors. She was a poet and avid writer who continually surprised her friends and acquaintances with her humor and insight. Susan believed in community. She held the vision that anyone and everyone could experience the joy of creating art. Susan was a wonderful, gifted teacher who encouraged children to explore art. Countless children resonated to her quietness and naturally trusted her.

Susan was dedicated to environmental causes all her life. This led her to visit many magnificent places, and she expressed those experiences in her art. In 1989, Susan traveled west to Prince William Sound in Alaska to help cleanup the oil spilled from the Exxon Valdez. In the early 1990's, Susan was co-director of Heart to Art, a Seattle-based community arts organization dedicated to raising awareness, money and creativity in response to HIV and AIDS. In 1993, she and her friends created House, an arts & crafts consignment shop in Capitol Hill. Over the past 20 years Susan also taught art to children, explored alternative building processes, and coordinated numerous art shows, workshops, and community events.

Though Susan has been an artist all her life, in 2000 she decided to pursue painting as her full-time occupation. For several years she commuted across Puget Sound to maintain a studio and hold a board position at Metropolis Gallery- an artists' collective in Bremerton WA. In the spring of 2006, she moved to a new studio in Pioneer Square, where she began to curate and maintain Alchemy Gallery. She continued this work until her passing.

Many, many people bore witness to Susan's whimsical humor in her art and through conversations. She lived her life always without judgment of others, always believing in gratitude and love for all beings. We will miss her dearly.